Hello my name is Angela Armenakis and I’m  very  excited to introduce to you my new cleanser!

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Bare and Pretty

by Angela Armenakis

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Hello, my name is Angela Armenakis. I am a medical skin care specialist, CEO of Bare Laser Center, my background includes Acting, Modeling, Counseling, and a very busy mother. I am very proud to introduce this incredible cleanser! I reformulate the original African Black soap recipe by adding raw honey, castor oil and the combination of the organic Shea butter and  Aloe Vera. All the incredible ingredients make your skin appear more hydrating, clean, bright, youthful and beautiful! This unique skin care product helps your skin to glow like never before! Just add one simple step to your daily skin care routine and you will enjoy your beautiful skin year around! Be beautiful in and out!

My cleanser is made with ♥ love.

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African Black soap has many benefits for your skin. It deeply cleans and exfoliate your skin removing the excess oils prevent acne and mild breakouts. The organic ingredients make it gentle enough to be used on all skin types. It helps with post inflammatory pigmentation (discolored bumps) and prevents blackheads. The exfoliating ingredients of plantain eliminates the dead skin cells, and this contributes to a more radiant, clear and healthy-looking skin.

We made our product with natural occurring, organic ingredients that are healthy for you and for the planet. 

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